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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": breaking news at noon on cleveland 19 news. a two-year-old who went missing for hours in the cold last night is back home right now, just released from the hospital. so we begin with great news. night. >> laura: lorain police and hundreds of volunteers searched for her and at 1:30 this morning she was found. >> reporter: the child spent the morning at rainbow getting checked out to make sure she was
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most of the night. now just moments ago police told us something is not right about this case. investigators just told us that lana was a bit wet and cold but had no visible injuries. that is not consistent, according to police, with being exposed to last night's frigid temperatures. she was missing for more than four hours. and it's very possible that this child was released by someone shortly before being found by andrew tornabean. >> i seen her staggering and falling on her hands and knees in the snow. i just got out of my car and picked her up and immediately knew that that's what everyone was looking for. and it was that. i just called the police. first things first, though, i put her in the vehicle to make sure she got warm because she was freezing. >> i just want to thank him. because it could have turned out several different ways and by
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good. >> brian: lorain police are trying to determine what might have had her in those four hours that she was missing. lana's family and the police are thanking everyone who went out last night searching for her. we have reporters out right now digging into these breaking developments and we will bring you the latest coming up this afternoon at 4:00. laura? >> laura: cleveland police investigating a chain-reaction crash on i-77 north at the east 22 exit. police say seven cars were involved in this and two people went to the hospital to get checked out. a man plead not guilty this morning in the stabbing of a summa health security officer. andrew wallace is charged with felonious assault. the stabbing happened when wallace was being transported to the psych unit. wallace stabbed art belcher jr. in the stomach tuesday night. wallace is being held on $1 # 00,000 bond. jury selection is underway for a second time in the triple murder
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the first jury was dismissed last october because attorneys found evidence that could potentially exonerate hendon. he's accused of breaking into a barberton home for cash and marijuana. on new year's eve 2013 and killing a man and two teenagers. >> well, apple is getting support from its competitor, google, in its phone-encrip shun battle with the f.b.i. cbs news has learned apple's lawyers are prepared to fight all the way up to the supreme court. >> reporter: the f.b.i. is locked out of syed farook's iphone. apple is betting its global customer base wants unbreakable encrip shun not a company that hands over information. a judge ordered them to disable the auto erase feature which wipes out all of its data if the wrong pass word is entered 10 times. apple's c.e.o. says the tech giant doesn't have the technology and that developing
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not only that iphone, but millions of devices. the white house defended the department of justice's request. >> they are simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> as the war on terror and the right to privacy collide, cnn's david ackerman says apple and the f.b.i. both have compelling yet competing interests. apple is saying even if you promise you are only going to use it once, it's going to get used again and again. >> reporter: google's c.e.o. posted a series of tweets wednesday siding with apple saying we give law enforcement access to data based on valid legal orders, but that's wholely different than requiring companies to enable hacking of customer devices and data. publicly, apple says it doesn't have the technology to do what the f.b.i. wants. but a top industry official tells cbs news that apple could, theoretically, write the software to comply with the
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>> "q": the f.b.i. has been poring over the electronic and internet history of farook and his wife. they discovered evidence that the pair agreed with isis and other radical islamic groups. >> laura: a los angeles hospital paid a $17,000 ransom to hackers after a cyber attack. the f.b.i. is investigating the cyber attack that disabled the computer network the a the hollywood presbyterian medical center. the president of the hospital said it paid because it was the quickest and most-efficient way to restore its systems. >> when these ransom pieces go in and affect the machines, they are causing the system to stop functioning. it can definitely impact life, it can definitely impact systems that support life. >> laura: and dave kennedy who runs a cyber security firm says hospitals are big targets for hackers right now because many hospitals have been slow to secure their networks adequately. a 2015 study found that criminal cyber attacks on health care
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125% since 2010. >> "q": the south carolina primary is now just two days away and the republican presidential candidates are hoping to sway votes away from front runner donald trump. cbs correspondent craig boswell explains from mount pleasant, south carolina. >> reporter: pope francis is sound something off on donald trump before flying back to the vatican from his visit to mexico, the pope responded to a question about trump's pledge to build a wall on the u.s. mexican border. a person who thinks only about building walls and not of building bridges, he said, is not christian. the trump campaign has yet to comment . a new national poll shows donald trump with a two-to-one advantage over ted cruz. >> thank you so much, congressman. >> reporter: the only candidate left out of the top five in the poll is jeb bush. he stopped by a farmers' market in florence, south carolina thursday morning. >> if you want a president that can lead us through adversity, then i ask for your support on saturday.
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appeared with marco rubio after endorsing him for president wednesday. >> i am here today to ask you for your vote because i am as conservative as anyone running in the race but i am a conservative that can win. >> reporter: john kasich was pumping up his campaign team in mount pleasant who will deliver the message one door at a time. >> it's really cool to see the sun starting to come up and the recognition starting to register, which we have not seen in -- [applause] >> reporter: south carolina's polls are set to open in less than 48 hours. >> "q": now when it comes to the democrats, a new cnn poll shows hillary clinton with just a one-point lead over bernie sanders ahead of the nevada caucuses. >> laura: coming up, a florida teen arrested, accused of pretending to be a doctor. hear what he says coming up next. >> "q": and this sonogram giving a family comfort after learning one of their twins probably
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>> laura: well you've seen videos of animals in need of good care and a good home but you have probably never seen
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>> laura: a florida teenager arrested, accused of pretending to be a doctor. he may look like a young physician, but he's not. police arrested him after he performed a physical exam on an undercover agent without a valid
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the teen posted bail and spoke briefly last night. >> i have had some great supporters and i have had some people who have said some negative things but everyone is entitled to their opinion and once again, i am not upset. >> laura: well -- love-robinson opened the new birth new life medical center and urgent care in west palm beach. the teen is listed as a doctor with a ph.d. who treats and cares for patients. on facebook love-robinson posted this certificate claiming he's a practitioner in alternative medicine. >> "q": how did he get that far along? a bunch of patients went to see this guy, this teenager, and they finally are like wait a second, something's not right here, and called police. >> laura: i don't want to alarm people, but you can't help but see a story like that -- gosh. >> "q": anyway, well, listen this next story will get people talking, too.
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handcuffed at school after throwing a huge tantrum. here's how the story goes. the boy was making fun of other students during lunch so teachers tried to move him to another table. he wasn't having it, though. he didn't want to move and started throwing lunch trays and chairs. he was then taken to the principal's office where he was told to calm down. instead, he kicked and screamed and threw books. so, the school called in the school resource officer to put him in handcuffs. >> how are you going to add trauma on top of existing mental illness is beyond me. >> "q": yeah his parents say their son's behavior at school is a reaction from his attention deficit disorder medication so the school is now apologizing to the student and his family saying it's not its practice to call police for unruly elementary school students. he was just eight years old. >> laura: mm-hmm. >> "q": and they called the cops on him. had him in cuffs. >> laura: there's been other
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well that have happened across the country. it's alarming for parents to see anything like that. >> "q": the cops. they should know not to -- >> laura: a kid. >> "q": yeah. >> laura: straight ahead, a brutal beat-down at school and the bully is a girl. >> samantha: all right. still looking like a great weekend to head out to peak and peak. especially if you like to ski when it's warm. it's going to be really warm out there in new york this weekend and, really warm here, too. we will talk about it when we come back. >> "q": and, at cleveland 19, continues to watch the cavs as the nba traded line looms. there's less than three hours left now to make a deal. tony zarella will have the
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>> "q": a california girl attack as boy at school and the video has now gone viral. we want to warn you first -- you might find the video disturbing. so here it goes. you can see the girl throwing the boy to the ground. then, kneeing him in the face then she ran off. sonoma valley high school right outside of san francisco, the principal there says she believes something said on social media sparked the brawl. both students are freshmen. the boy goes to sonoma valley high school while the girl goes
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which is on the same campus. >> laura: a sonogram shows a baby with a hole in his heart but doctors can't repair it because he also has an abnormal brain. doctors said while the twin sister weighs more than two pounds her brother mason is just nine ounces. devastating news. a bright note shows up. >> he said there's his hand and there is his hand. it looks like they are hold hands. most twins are kick each other and hitting each other and she said, um, with our twins it just seemed like she was very protective over him. >> laura: if baby mason makes it through the pregnancy, doctors will deliver both babies via c-section and allow the family to spend the most time possible with both babies before mason passes. >> "q": oh, my gosh.
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heartwarming at the same time. they always say that twins have a connection. >> laura: forever. >> "q": and there's proof right there. >> laura: things like finishing each other's sentences which we do sometimes. and they have a connection for their entire life. to see it start that young -- it's amazing. this heart warming moment caught on camera. a vet lends his heart and home it a stray dog. >> "q": dr. mathis was worried about this stray dog so he decides to climb into her kennel and ate breakfast with her. he hand fed gracie a few bites of food at the same time. the video of dr. mathis doing what you are watching on his facebook page has gone viral with animal lovers donating toward gracie's care and applauding him. dr. mathis says gracie still has a ways to go before she can enjoy life as a family pet.
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be fine. >> samantha: that is so sweet. i want to go adopt a dog like right now. there are some pets who need homes. you know if you are looking for a furry friend, today would be a good day to adopt. or if not, maybe you take your dog for a walk today. it's beautiful. we have tons of blue sky. 26 as we look live over cleveland. courtesy of our feizel roof camera. it's chilly out there after a cold start this morning. some of you woke up in the single digits and even some numbers below zero. i'm looking at you, ashtabula. it was really cold out there early on. now we have at least warmed into the 20s. lots of sunshine out there. but you can see we do have some clouds popping up. and we have more cloud cover off to our west. so i expect that this will clip us into tonight. but most of these clouds will not produce any precipitation, any rain or snow. there's a tiny little chance of something popping up tonight. we will talk about that in just a moment. but i want to get you through the rest of the afternoon.
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31 at 2:00. we will be at about 32 at 4:00. and then for the evening commute, we start to drop into the upper 20s. but notice that even through 10:00, we are still in the 20s. i think most of us will stay there. upper 20s to around 30 through the night. and again, there's just this tiny little chance that we could see a few snow flakes mixing with rain maybe a little freezing rain, kind of a wintry mix possible. from about midnight through 5:00 in the morning. it will come in from the west and then it will exit out on the eastern side of our forecast region. again, this will be super low impact if you are out and about late tonight/early tomorrow morning, again, between midnight and about 4:00, 5:00 in the morning, you probably notice a little moisture out there if it even makes it to the ground at all. the air's super dry. it might not make it down here. we will be watching it on radar. of course you can watch the radar with us on the cleveland 19 first-alert weather app.
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windspick up for us, too. those winds they stay up tomorrow. we may see some 40 mile an hour wind gusts tomorrow. a lot of clouds out there and a little light rain or drizzle, too, especially during the second half of the day. i think the biggest issue for us will be that wind. now, i have good news and bad news. i am going to give you the bad news first. lowered the high tomorrow to 51. that's the bad news. it was 54. but, we bumped up the saturday high to 58. so -- [applause] >> samantha: and if i know anything about jeff tanchak, i know that he's going to bump it up even more. >> "q": even more! >> laura: like 60s? >> samantha: he's smiling back there. >> laura: are we thinking 60s? >> samantha: let's focus on the now. we have a lot of data that comes in through the afternoon. >> "q": ok. yeah. well i'm excited about 50s tomorrow and -- wow. saturday, too. >> laura: you have a heads up. there might be some higher
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the new stuff that comes in this afternoon. that's why you have to tune in at 4:00. >> laura: she loves bringing the good news. we love it, too. there is still more to come at noon. >> "q": including a funny look at what it takes to get kids ready for school and out the door every morning.
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>> laura: a vintage photo of a man's grandfather shared online is going viral with weird responses. it's inspired an almost unanimous declaration -- your grandpa is hot. well, there's something about the glimmer in his eyes and those pearly white teeth. check out those teeth. people are swooning on social media. some asked if grandpa was a model in the military. one woman volunteered to be the poster's grandma. but most everyone wanted to know if hot grandpa was still around. he's -- i mean -- he's kind of a hunk. >> "q": i have to admit that's a good-looking guy. >> laura: a handsome chap. >> "q": all right. well, if you have kids you know one of the hardest things to do during the day is get them up and ready for school. it's so hard to get 'em out the door
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>> "q": it's the latest parody of pen and kim holderness to the boyz2 men. she admits they hold part of the blame for hectic mornings, because they are terrible with morning routines. after getting them to school in the morning, getting them to bed. like 1 a. and 1b., getting them to bed is bad. just a mess. >> laura: how about that hot grandpa. >> samantha: he was really attractive. >> "q": enough about hot grandpa. thanks for joining us today. the young and the restless is up next. >> laura: have a great day, everybody. hey cleveland, i'm larry macon jr. copastor of the mt. zion church of oakwood village and board of trustee of central state university. it's february, a month in which
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also known as african-american history month, a time when all americans pay tribute to those black americans who have worked tirelessly to make our nation what it is today. inventors, activists, scientists, political leaders, doctors, lawyers, all proud americans who believed in the concept of preserving the rights still fight for today. the concept was proposed right in our backyard. in february of 1969, a group of young students from kent state university came up with the idea. that proposal later became officially recognized by the u.s. government in 1976 when president gerald ford urged americans during the month of february to "seize the opportunity" to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history. so i urge you to "seize the moment." let's give credit where credit is due and pay tribute to those who have done great things for mankind. let us honor and thank those
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hard and made sacrifices for our country - all for the furtherance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. i'm larry macon jr. and that's my advice to you. never forget - black history is american history. thank you. >> we encourage your response to this editorial.
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>> abby: so, you're positive? ' cause it's not like the lab doesn't make mistakes. i mean, look at what happened with my mom, unless that was all an act. >> stitch: ashley called and said she had another test run and the results were negative. >> abby: negative negative? >> stitch: as negative as you can get. yeah. so, yes. the lab messed up with her results, but -- >> abby: but not with mine? >> stitch: you're having a baby -- our baby. >> abby: [ laughs ] >> stitch: how do you feel? >> abby: oh, my gosh. i-i feel like i'm gonna throw up, but in the best possible way. how do you feel? >> stitch: is it not obvious? >> abby: i mean, we just got married like two seconds ago,


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